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1323 Michigan Ave
Sarnia, Ontario

I have always loved houses.  When visiting friends or neighbours, I loved getting the “nickel tour” and always found myself looking at the intricacies of their home, often generating conversations regarding the construction, design and possible renovations.  I bought my first home at 22 and have been renovating homes ever since. While most people like to unwind with a good book, I prefer to look at house plans and design ideas, and daydream about how things would flow if I took that old wall down.


I want to share my love of houses with my clients, and show the potential of each home with my creativity and passion.  I want to put my clients in the right home for them; after all, it’s where memories are made and where families are raised, and I believe your home is a reflection of yourself - one of the few venues where you are free to express yourself in any way you choose.


I’m passionate about my career in real estate, and consider myself proud and blessed to have the full support of my wife Leslie, and my two young children Taeyah and Travis