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1323 Michigan Ave
Sarnia, Ontario
First time home buyer, Property investor, or looking for a family upgrade, real estate is exciting. Let Dayna Langlois with SarniaSOLD is someone you can relate too, putting herself in each of her client's shoes to help make your dreams come true & create a positive experience for you!

Representing Sarnia Lambton homeowners and future homeowners. Dayna s creative, enthusiastic, and caring nature is perfect for matching each client s desires as well as skillfully featuring a home s unique presence and character

Living in Sarnia , Dayna understands what this beautifully unique city and the numerous intangible benefits of life in Sarnia with its beautiful summers, local culture, and diversity. Dayna spent over six years In corporate fortune 500 companies , before she realized she was helping other communities and companies thrive, instead of the ones she shopped at. Letting her passion for home flipping and design fuel her drive she began her career in Real estate.

A very active and connected community volunteer with the Big Sister of Sarnia program, and a strong leader for supporting local & giving back. She sits as a chair on many boards, and is an active member of EXIT's event committee.  She is passionate about seeing her community flourish and steps up for any volunteer experience which will help other small businesses thrive. Dayna s known for her energy and enthusiasm, enhancing her client's dedication and insuring satisfied repeat clients and referrals.

Dayna is known for her advanced marketing capabilities. Creating and developing brand SarniaSOLD. A known and respected name in Sarnia Real estate. She is constantly developing and expanding her skills, learning from external markets, and implementing leading-edge technology. She adopts unique marketing methods to create an individual connection to each client, and ensure listings are highlighted in a unique light. She is known for her Social Media skills and has a vast reach across her platforms both in Sarnia and surrounding communities like Toronto, Windsor, and Vancouver.  She is a very active member and leader of local as well as out of city Business Networking Groups. Including many investors, entrepreneur and female networking groups to expand her reach. She showcases her homes on her website and utilizes a team of professional service providers such as a photographer, highly rated staging companies, virtual tour providers, and graphic designers to assist in marketing her client s properties. 
 When asked about her hobbies Dayna responded " Isn't real estate a hobby?" one of her greatest joys and passions is working in this business. She loves working with buyers and sellers to make their dreams come true and considers herself a "match - maker" matching clients to their perfect home. Outside of her clients, she loves to design and flip houses which is one of her greatest joys. She is very talented at seeing the way a home "could be" instead of the way it is, and executing it flawlessly. When she is not living her joy in real estate she is an avid Traveller with passport stamps from every continent. She loves her yoga daily yoga practise, often travelling for to expand her practice. Dayna is a health lover, who enjoys running, participating in marathons annually. She loves to cook, always whipping up a new healthy recipe in her kitchen to share with others and loves music of all sorts. 
Dayna Langlois; SarniaSOLD is a dynamic leading edge marketer and award-winning agent determined to help make your home buying and selling dreams a reality.